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Into The Woods

Royal Conservatoire of Scotland

Assembly Hall, Edinburgh

Set and Costume Designer

Directed by Michael Howell

Choreographed by EJ Boyle

Lighting Design by Grant Anderson

Photographs by Ken Dundas

'' accomplished production ... Most immediately notable in its quality is Richard Evans’ design work; intriguing without ever being distracting. ''

- BroadwayBaby ***

''Overall the production is outstanding...The set deserves its own bow, an excellent, smoky piece of work and looks quite a build for a Fringe show. Costumes too are fantastic.''

- One4Review *****

''Michael Howell’s direction ensures that the design work of Richard Evans and the lighting of Grant Anderson are given full appreciation. The more the actors glide over the stage’s multiple levels, slide under wooden boards, and disappear into castle-like archways, the greater is the sense that everything is being kept meticulously under control.''

- ****

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